the lady who cut my hair didnt listen to me at all in terms of length and left it too long but the thing is i cant just go back and get it trimmed again so either i deal with it or i trim it myself but the thing is im terrified of cutting my own hair wwwwwwwwwwwwww

ty lee or mai | asked by anonymous


i want to sit on a kitchen counter in my underwear at 3 am with you and talk about the universe

au where obama loses his memory and reconnects to his past lives
  • Obama: Who am I?
  • FDR: You are the president
  • Obama: I dont know what that is
  • Reagan: In order to remember you must regain your American spirit
  • Lincoln: If you don't, tyranny will engulf the country and you will die
  • Obama: How do I regain my American spirit?
  • Clinton: Go to the beginnings. Find freedom
  • -Washington Appears-
  • Obama: Are you freedom?
  • Washington: No, but I can help you find her
  • Washington: My name is Washington, and i will show you how i became the first president

oh my god me and madison just played an entire fckin l4d2 campaign together and right at the end after helping eachother through all of it i just ditched her and ran for the fckin helicopter and everyone but me died im laughign os hard

i dont even know if anyone knows who that is did everyone just collectively forget about haru

fun fact: you are your icon


my sim was taking photobooth photos with another girl who DIED halfway through 

i gave up on the painting but i did this


ive been workin on this picture for like half an hour and im starting to hate it i think and after doing this i never wanna draw something blue again

tfw you’re working on costume designs for specific aus and you FINALLY figure out an outfit and its just like…yes….thank u jesus…..